Inside Pictures - December 28, 2003

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Living Room on left, Kitchen on right.

Living Room in foreground, Kitchen in background. The door leads to the Garage.

Living Room. The door on the left goes to the Master Bedroom. Door on the right goes to the Sunroom.

View from Kitchen, looking toward the front of the house.

Laurie and Kids' Computer Room, on the 1st Floor

Master Bedroom. Door goes into Sun Room.

Master Bathroom, looking toward the Bedroom.

View of the Shower in the Master Bathroom

Looking into the Master Bathroom from the Master Bedroom

Cameron's Bedroom, 2nd Floor -- Blue is his favorite color

Ashlyn's future Princess Bedroom, 2nd Floor

Macy's Bedroom, 2nd floor

Guest Bedroom on 2nd Floor.

Looking into the Children's Bathroom on 2nd Floor

Upstairs Hallway. There will be a sitting area in front of the window.

2nd Floor Hallway, looking toward Ashlyn's bedroom (far left) and the bathroom.

View of the Sunroom, looking from the Living Room.

The Sunroom

The Sunroom

Dining Room, with Kitchen visible through door.

Dining Room, Kitchen visible through the door

Scott's Ham Radio Room and Office, in the Basement

Scott's Ham Radio Room and Office, in the Basement

Family Room in Basement

Family Room in Basement, shows Fireplace

Kids Playroom, in Basement.

Looking upstairs from the Family Room in Basement.

Future "50's Diner". Utility Closet to the right.

Future "50's Diner". White pipe sticking up is where a small bar/counter will be installed.

Unused part of basement. Furnace, etc. to the left.

Furnace area.

Storage Room. Shows part of the 40 foot long shelving unit (Thanks Brother Mark!)

It's estimated that Scott and friends pulled 12,000 feet of Ethernet, Phone, Cable TV and Audio wiring. It all terminates here in the Utility Closet.

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