Big Progress - Early October

View of the valley to the North West, while standing on the 2nd floor

View to the South West from 2nd floor. Garage visible in bottom of picture.

Highway 33 to the West.

View to the South East from upstairs bedroom window.

Looking up the stairs from the main floor

The Front Door.

Entry into house from the Garage.

The 3-car Garage

Starting to look like a house!

2nd floor partially done.

View from Back of house, with lots of progress now!

View of North East corner of house.

Front of house -- really taking shape now.

Another view of the front side.

Front of House

Garage roof almost done.

Roof is done and shingled!

View from 2nd floor window

Starting to pull cable in basement. About 12,000 feet of cable eventually was pulled for phones, computers, TV and whole house audio.

Showing SOME of the cable, a LOT was added after this picture.

Fireplace in basement is installed.

Looking into the utility closet that will have the electrical breaker and terminate the phone, data, TV and audio cables. Scott's Office and Ham Radio Room to the right.

Septic System being installed in the backyard.

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