First Floor Walls are Up & Basement Floor Poured

Front and Garage side of house -- no garage yet.

3 car garage, plus extra storage room in front of first two stalls.

Front of house, with porch.

This is where our dinner table will be placed. Kitchen is directly to right, living room is on left.

Two large wooden "columns" will be where fireplace is installed. Behind this wall is the Master Bedroom.

Master Bathroom. The whirlpool will be in this corner, directly under these windows.

From foreground to background, you are seeing a part of the Living Room, then the Kitchen, then the Mud Room / Laundry. The door goes to the Garage.

The left and right doors are two Pantrys. The middle door leads into the Dining Room.

Kitchen and Living Room area.

Garage area, with the Mud Room / Laundry Room on right.

Starting to look like a real house!

Basement Floor cement is poured! Ashlyn and Cameron stand in what will be their Playroom in the Basement.

Storage room under the porch. Looks funny because of all the temporary supports holding up the porch.

View from Rec Room area towards the Family Room.

Scott's Office & Radio Room area.

Family Room in foreground, Play Room (aka Bedroom 6) in background.

Wow... we're getting there !!

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