Early Look at the Basement - August 30, 2003

Taken from where the Playroom (aka Bedroom 6) will be. Shows Scott's Office n Radio Room on right, and Rec Room on left

Taken from Scott's Office / Radio Room, shows the Family Room in foreground, and the Playroom (aka Bedroom 6) in background.

Shows the steel beam that was installed to allow us a large opening between the Family Room and the Rec Room.

The doorway on the left will eventually be the stairs going upstairs.

Doorway on the left will be a full bathroom. Door on right (in middle of picture) will be the stairs going up. The door in the background is for the storage room, which is under the front porch.

This corner of the basement will be a second storage room. The blue thing is the water pipe.

On the left side of wall will be our Rec Room. The Right side, with the big window, will be Scott's combination Office and Radio Room.

This will be a storage room. It is under the porch (which hasn't been installed yet)

Looking from where the stairs will be, shows the windows facing the walk-out side of the basement.

This is where the Rec Room will be.

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